Summer's Out!


The past weekend was awesome!
In Halkida we had a great time and we got to meet new lads,who had a great appetite for all things DIY!
We got to talk about new ways of  supporting the underground network, sharing and caring about music, ideas and ways to make statements and proceedings against the daily grind of our lives...

We should mention that the skatepark of Halkida is an ideal place to set up concerts!
Thanks goes out to the Oulaloum crew and G. for the hospitality!
We wish them the best and we hope that more bands will visit this smaller but beautiful town!

In Patras it's always enjoyable!While this time Caveat Emptor and Dala Sun ripped the place apart!
We'd like to thank A. and Dala Sun for invinting us in their farewell ceremony...
And our friends G. and K. for the never-ending hospitality!
Also, good luck to T. with his life abroad!