New Dates! And A Blast From The Past!


Long time no words from this part of the internet!
We were taking our summer brake, cause this winter is gonna be tough due to the economic crisis and the ever-going downfall of the greek society...
We played at Arm Your Desires Festival in Tyrnavos again this year, in the beginning of August.
It was a great chance to meet old and new friends and to see some great bands from our country and abroad!

We are having two new gigs back to back this weekend and we are really excited!
Click on the dates for the posters!

31/08/2012 Festival Για Την Απελευθέρωση Της Φαντασίας at Halkida

01/09/2012 Dala Sun Farewell Ceremony At Patras Prokat 35 

It will be our first time in Halkida!We are stoked about it!
And it's an honour that we are gonna play with our good friends Dala Sun in their farewell show!
As for the new material, we are still working on it!
We hope to start recording in 3 months from now!

In conclusion here's a video of our instrumetal song Softshell 
from our debut Album "Waiting For The Unexpected" (2006).

Cheers! And Never Give Up!